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File   Cadieux 


CID: 0420-012176-0171
Case Status: UNSOLVED
Incident: Body Found At The Rear of Roy James Construction
Location: London, Ontario, Canada
File Name: Who Killed Susan Cadieux, 5?
Author/Contributor: Miguel S.

Susan Cadieux

File Number: 104200171

On Friday, January 6, 1956 at about 7:15pm, 5-year-old Susan Cadieux was playing in the schoolyard of St Mary's School located at 345 Lyle St with her older brothers and another girl from the neighbourhood. The Cadieux family lived across the road at 665 York St, not far from the school.

At approximately 7:45pm, a man approached the group and spoke with Susan who relayed to the other children that the man was going to give her something.

The male also told them that he was supposed to meet with the St. Mary's church priest and stated that he lived on York St. as he pointed his finger towards King St.

When the children got distracted by a nearby fall on the ice, the male walked away with Susan.

By 8:00pm, Susan's brothers ran home to tell their parents what had happened and a search for Susan began. The London Police Force became involved in the search by about 9:30pm that night and by 1:30am on the morning of January 7, over 300 people were searching for Susan.

At 10:08am, Susan Cadieux's fully clothed body was found at the rear of Roy James Construction located at 609 William St. alongside the CPR spur line.

Man Who Was Last Seen With Susan
Sketch of the male last seen with Susan Cadieux

In the 1950's police sketches were actually done by hand. The picture above is a sketch of the male who led Susan away.

He was described as white, 30-40 years old, tall, thin, and unshaven. He was wearing a light brown overcoat which was unbuttoned, unbuckled black galoshes that flapped openly, and a dark Russian style or army Melton hat with ear flaps.

If you have any information about Susan's death, please call London Police Service at 519-661-5670.

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